Some tools I use

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I’ve liked some of these other “what I use” posts, so here’s the tools (both computer and offline) that I find myself using everyday.
For software and webapps, I value data portability, simple formats, good keyboard shortcuts, continued development support, and mobile and offline access. You’ll notice that I don’t always follow these design principles religiously but I’ve found these work:
  • Email: Gmail (both for work and personal. works great in browser and mobile. couldn’t imagine using anything else)
  • Calendar: Google Calendar (same reasons as gmail)
  • Tasks: Checkvist (i like this webapp because its paradigm makes sense for both todo lists and normal lists like “don’t forget to pack.” It has killer keyboard shortcuts and a bookmarklet that integrates into Gmail and Jira, both of which I happen to use. Not perfect but it’s simple enough to not drown is and the developer is responsive. wish it had a real mobile app rather than just a mobile optimized site though)
  • Storage/syncing: Dropbox (just works. is awesome.)
  • Notes: Notational Velocity (what an app. everything is in plaintext so it’s super portable. i save it to dropbox so it syncs across computers and also into simplenote so I have it online and on mobile. notational velocity is incredible well designed. it’s fast, simple, unobtrusive, and keyboard driven if you want it to be)
  • Text editing: textmate (good syntax highlighting simple to organize files into a project. i’d like to use vim more, but i’m not there yet)
  • App launching: Alfred (i moved over from this after a long love affair with quicksilver. it’s solid, stable, under active development, and fulfills my wish to not take my hands off the keyboard)
  • Bookmarks: Pinboard (lightweight, simple and tagging is easy enough to keep doing it and keep things organized. it’s also mostly replaced instapaper for me)
  • Computer: Macbook Pro (though the new macbook air looks awesome, and i’d like one)
  • Monitor: 27″ Apple Cinema Display (huge, hi-res, east on the eyes. these pwn. hard.)
  • Cell: Nexus S (i’ll probably buy the next iphone, but i love my nexus. it’s powerful and customizable in all the right ways)
  • Reading: Kindle (cannot say enough good things. my first one got stolen the first week I had it, and I liked it so much i bought another the next day. bottom line: it’s made me read more)
  • Writing: Field Notes (they look smart and hold up in your pocket or bag. that’s all you need in a notebook)
  • Pen: Pilot G2 Extra Fine (i’ve been using these since middle school and can’t get used to any other pen)
  • Backpack: Topo Designs Daypack (i just bought this, but i think i’ve found the perfect backpack)
  • Wallet: Il Bisonte 6CC billfold (it’s expensive, but the leather ages beautifully to become your own and i can’t imagine this won’t last for the rest of my life)
  • Watch: Timex Heritage (interesting, not flashy, and matches everything)