A tale of two photos

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On Thanksgiving, I snapped this picture of a picture of my girlfriend and me, in front of our turkey. I knew it was a winner, so I posted it to Instagram, choosing the ‘share to Facebook’ option.

Happy Thanksgiving

The likes on Instagram started pouring in. By the next morning, I was up to 15 (a lot for my account) from friends from all parts of my life. When I checked it out on Facebook, I noticed I had 4: my dad, my boss, my cousin, and a colleague. My mom had also commented on it.

The contrast is somewhat striking. Facebook used to be the place you were scared your parents or boss would see your drunken pictures; now it’s where you go to engage with these people. If that’s not a social network grown up from adolescence into adulthood, I don’t know what is. On the other side, Instagram is where I go to look at pictures from people I care about or am interested in (whether I know them or not). It’s fun because it’s quick, it’s fun because my friends are there, and it’s fun because I know what I’m going to get: creative photos, very rarely commentary or news.

Let’s just hope Facebook continues to leave Instagram alone and let’s it be the fun teenager it seems to still be.