How to have a ‘gut feel’ moment on demand or: how I make decisions

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Making decisions can be a real pain in the ass. Some people can just instantly make one, others agonize over the simplest choice for days on end. I put myself somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, but I’ve found a way to make the process easier: the coin flip.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Grab a coin or fire up this webpage if you don’t have one handy.
  2. Assign ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ to your two choices. i.e. “heads I go out to that concert tonight, tails I stay in.”
  3. Flip the coin.
  4. Pay really close attention to your reaction to the outcome. Were you happy that heads came up, or sort of disappointed? Did you say “okay, let’s make it 2 out of 3″ or “sweet, decision made”?

There’s your answer.

The point is, I’m not really making the decision based on the coin flip. I’m just using the tool to access my gut feel at that moment. Sure, it’s no panacea, and I find it works better after I’ve given the decision at hand some time to bounce around my subconscious and simmer. But, I’ve found it enormously useful when I’m stuck and want to know what my gut is telling me.